Angolan Adventure Safaris

Flamingo Lodge is located in the middle of 70 km of uninhabited coast which supports virtually untouched fish populations and highly diverse desert landscapes. read more

Kwanza Lodge is located at the mouth of the Kwanza River, 70 km south of Luanda and right next to the sea. Comfortable cabin accommodation, a restaurant, bar and conference centre are all set on the banks of stunningly beautiful river. Kwanza Lodge is the ideal break away from the city. read more

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Rio Longa Lodge: Rio Longa Lodge is a very rustic 8-tented bungalow camp set on a small island on the Longa River

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Cape Town Adventures - Explore the city of Cape Town. Experience world class cuisine, five star acommodation, vibrant nightlife, the wine routes and Table Mountain. Thinking of buying property in South Africa? Our Portuguese speeking staff will facilitate the prosess for you. Contact us with your requirements.

Fishing in Angola is as good as it gets. Fishing tours run throughout the year and will provide you with the experience of a lifetime. Our fishing guides will take you to some of the most exciting fishing locations on earth. read more

Safaris and Tours are offered for incredible trips all over Angola, from Quadbike desert trips to the Cunene to off-shore boating adventures. read more

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Angolan Travel Services: For all your travel and visa requirements. Angolan Travel Services will manage your entire booking from flights to your daily itinery. Contact us with your booking requirements..

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